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I have strong roots on the west coast of BC, where ocean and forest collide in perfect powerful harmony. I grew up on the ocean and in the woods, fishing wild salmon and harvesting chanterelles and huckleberries in my backyard. I come from a family of fishermen, builders, gatherers, adventurers and creatives; I landed smack dab in the middle.

I learned in late childhood the reality of having food allergies, how ignoring them affected my immune system, and how my quality of life changed drastically once listening to my body. At a young age I went to see a Naturopathic Doctor, and we identified some food intolerances that were the culprit of my stomach problems, poor immune system, chronic eczema and severe lack of energy. The transition period was long and slow, but I can tell you that it changed my life. 

Experiencing this personal growth at such a young age is what launched me into needing to know everything I could about food and its relationship with the body. I learned how to cook mostly based around the fact that I didn't want to rely on anyone else to make me feel energized, vibrant, and healthy. I learned to eat intuitively, to listen to my body, and how to create with food. I wanted to learn more.

I went on to study Holistic Nutrition and Integrative Medicine at Pacific Rim College - the most comprehensive on-site Holistic Nutrition program in Canada - completing 3 years of study and 360 hours in our college clinic where I discovered my passion for helping others and broadened my knowledge of the body and it's relationship with food, graduating with honours in 2016.

I started photographing food as I learned about its complexity. Studying nutrition pushed me to experiment with beautiful food, and I wanted to capture what I was creating in a way that showcased its unique and natural beauty. Since then, my focus has shifted from capturing only my creations to capturing other creatives in their element. I love working with other passionate souls, capturing their brands in an authentic way, adventuring into the woods, cooking whatever I can outside, and creating an adventure out of work. What started as a creative outlet and hobby has turned into a full-blown passion. My love affair with photography is strong and steady, and I am forever grateful for the opportunities my camera gives me. It pushes me to wander, explore, create, meet new faces, build strong friendships, and show people how I see the world. 

Combining my passions of creativity, adventure, style, design, nature and food; I have completely found my calling. This work inspires me, and as unique as my paths are, they coexist in harmony. I am forever grateful for them. 

My values lie within strong communities with access to real food, harvested ethically and seasonally, by local passionate people. Cooking and eating with people we love, connecting to food in a way that once came so naturally to us and allowing it to nourish us on each and every level. I hope to inspire others to create an authentic life that they are passionate about, and protect this incredible land that we’ve been so lucky to live on.

Eat whole, live whole.



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My goal is to capture you or your brand in the most authentic and beautiful way possible. From day one I am getting to know you and your brand, the community you’ve created and the goals you have in mind for the future. I respect your style and aim to capture that as seamlessly as possible. If you aren’t sure what that is yet, I help to develop it with you. Styling all shoots, scouting locations, and adding my own elements to encompass your brand is my specialty. I shoot digital and 35mm film when it fits, and manipulate natural light and post processing to create a look and feel that represents you and your brand authentically.


My goal is to help show you how amazing you can feel by fuelling your body with what's best for you, through eating whole foods that are as rich with flavour as they are nutrients. I hope to help you get back in tune with your body, as each rhythm and movement is telling you something. I work with the seasons, meaning I promote seasonal foods as well as eating according to the climate. I recognize that we are all genetically unique, therefore require a unique set of habits to keep us feeling energized and healthy. This also means we need to live and eat appropriately as to avoid developing things we may already be susceptible to. Supporting and nourishing your body with a diet and lifestyle specific to you will help your immune system work through whatever it is that it's currently battling, whether that be a common cold or something deeper. Through adjusting the foods you eat as well as how you prepare them, addition of herbs and or supplements, shifting lifestyle habits and educating you I hope to help guide you back to a state of balance and wellbeing.















Current location - Byron Bay, NSW Australia
E-mail- hayley_nedland@hotmail.com
Instagram -  @birchandberries


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